Do your parents ever say to you, “I don’t understand why you do that?” Then chances are they weren’t Psychology majors. A Psychology major studies why people do what they do.

Is This Major Right for You?

Do You Like These Things?

Psychology majors like to look at motives – not just why a criminal committed the crime, but why Johnny dropped out of school or Angela hid the jump rope from her sister. It’s not that they’re suspicious – they just are curious.

Do You Have These Skills?

Ever hear the phrase “there’s a method to the madness”? Well, Psychology majors are pros at using the scientific method to get to the bottom of the madness. They can piece together parts of a puzzle and figure out cause and effect.

Who Shouldn't Pick This Major

Anyone getting into Psychology just to have one of those fancy couches for patients to lie on should be warned: it’s not really like that.

Is This What You Want After Graduation?

What You'll Learn

Psychology is kind of a humanity-science hybrid. You’ll learn about people – cultural aspects, how status impacts behavior, etc. You’ll also learn about how the brain works – how new information is learned, what triggers emotions and what physical reactions they cause in the brain. All these details will be part of the clues to figuring out behavior.

Jobs You Might Get

Only a small percentage of Psychology majors go on to become counselors and therapists. There’s a range of homes for Psychology majors – working in advertising, public health, education, etc.


A Psychology major needs to be pretty well rounded, so study up for the ACT/SATs and do well in high school. Any extra curricular activities that show your diversity will be a plus, too.


You may think the resume can wait until you finish college – not so. As a Psychology major you’ll want to start it as early as possible. Find any volunteer work, internships or jobs you can fit into your school schedule and log as many hours in the field as you can. The experience will help you in your studies and will put you way out in front when it comes time for graduate school or applying for jobs.