The 10 or so piano lessons you took when you were 12 is nothing compared to the drilling Music majors get on a daily basis. As a Music major, you’ll put in more hours than you knew existed in a day practicing either singing or playing an instrument for your big recital, then you’ll spend just as much time studying theory and history for your big exams. A Music major is certainly not an “easy A” degree.

Is This Major Right for You?

Do You Like These Things?

It’s one thing to love music – plenty of people enjoy listening to music. But Music majors love performing. And they love all kinds of music – from jazz to opera to reggae.

Do You Have These Skills?

Music majors normally have more than one musical talent. They may sing and play an instrument, or they may play multiple instruments. Some can compose their own music. All can read music well and follow directions from a conductor.

Who Shouldn't Pick This Major

One problem that some Music majors run into is the logistics of carrying their gear. In college you’ll find you have a large stack of books you’re always lugging around. If you’re a 98 pound weakling and you want to play the cello or tuba, you may want to work out some of the kinks of getting it to and from class, rehearsal and your practice room before fully committing to the idea.

Is This What You Want After Graduation?

What You'll Learn

Your classes will be determined mostly by what your emphasis is. Music majors who are going into performing arts will spend their time in classes about presentation and method. Those who plan to teach will learn composition and education. There are all kinds of focuses for Music majors, ranging from Musical Therapy to Music Business.

Jobs You Might Get

If a Music major gets a bachelor’s degree from a liberal arts college, there’s work in all kinds of fields outside of music. Inside music, though, some get jobs as teachers, music directors, record producers, professional performers, etc.


Start performing now. Your high school or community may have an orchestra or a choir. It wouldn’t even hurt to form a garage band with your buddies.


Get involved in different performing opportunities. Check out the marching band, or maybe the jazz choir. Form a barbershop group. Even enter some competitions here and there to test out your performance chops.