Horticulture is the study and cultivation of plants, ranging from roses to peach trees. Horticulture majors can focus their studies any number of ways – dealing just with edible plants, studying shrubbery or focusing on improving greenhouse production.

Is This Major Right for You?

Do You Like These Things?

Clearly Horticulture majors like plants. But it’s not just that they like to munch on radishes or smell daisies – they are interested in the science of plants, too. To a Horticulture major, a piston is more than just a car part or a professional sports team.

Do You Have These Skills?

Horticulture majors are science-minded. They’re good in a lab environment. They’re also good at collecting data and researching.

Who Shouldn't Pick This Major

As a Horticulture major, you’ll spend a decent amount of time outdoors or in greenhouses. If allergies cripple you, or if bees terrify you, you’ll want to take care of those issues before pursuing this major.

Is This What You Want After Graduation?

What You'll Learn

You’ll take classes in math, biology and chemistry, plus your specialized Horticulture major courses. Expect to spend a decent about of time in labs.

Jobs You Might Get

Where the plants are, the Horticulture majors can be if they want. You could specialize in fruit production or lean more toward the veggies. Breed pretty flowers, or start your own nursery.


Get any practical experience you can. If that means helping your mother weed the vegetable garden, do it. She’ll appreciate the help, and you’ll get your first good glimpse at the world you’ll be studying.


Start looking for an internship as early as you can. You might be surprised how many jobs you can get on campus in the field if you play your cards right.