Computer Information Systems


You know how life as you know it completely stops when the Internet is down or you can’t get your iPod to syncronize? Believe it or not, it’s even worse when medical professionals can’t look at online patient records or finance gurus can’t see the latest numbers on the stock exchange. That’s why Computer Information Systems majors are of growing importance in today’s world.

Is This Major Right for You?

Do You Like These Things?

Safe to say, Computer Information Systems majors are big-time into computers. They also like puzzles, or at least they like solving puzzles.

Do You Have These Skills?

Computer Information Systems majors are creative thinkers. They don’t see computer problems as failures so much as challenges and opportunities to improve. They’re quick to grasp all the latest gadgets and technologies.

Who Shouldn't Pick This Major

Has your love of computers led you to the dangerous world of hacking? If so, be warned. You’ll need to work with the utmost integrity in this field. If you can’t hack it (that is, stop hacking) you should find a less tempting field.

Is This What You Want After Graduation?

What You'll Learn

Computer Information Systems majors figure out all the guts of computers and networks. If you haven’t already mastered all the software in the world before you start your major, you soon will. You’ll also learn everything you need to know to design software and create new programs.

Jobs You Might Get

Computer Information Systems majors can work as software developers, analysts, support specialists or database administrators.


See if you can do some volunteer work while still in high school. Even if it’s just helping the school media specialist doing some basic computer maintenance, the experience will look good on a resume.


Get your hands on a computer. You don’t need the fanciest thing out on the market – in fact, the cheaper you start with the better you’ll understand the development and nuances of computers. Just start playing around and never stop.