Biochemistry And Biophysics


Biochemistry and Biophysics are pretty much what they sound like—the combination of Biology and Chemistry in one case and Physics in the other. That boils down to the study of Chemistry or Physics in living things. Sounds simple? It’s most definitely not. That’s why most Biochemistry and Biophysics majors have to advance to a doctorate degree to do their own research, while a master’s or bachelor’s gives them the chance to work for other scientists.

Is This Major Right for You?

Do You Like These Things?

Biochemistry and Biophysics majors like learning new things. They’re curious about how things work and why they react the way they do, which motivates them through the hours and hours of lab research they do.

Do You Have These Skills?

These students have strong study skills. While that doesn’t meant their face is always buried in a book, it does mean that they can handle a heavy class load in demanding courses and still pull down good grades.

Who Shouldn't Pick This Major

If you want to continue to look at the world through simple terms, seeing a dog or a cat instead of seeing a million molecules reacting in a million ways to make up the animal’s ear, avoid this major. It will just blow your mind.

Is This What You Want After Graduation?

What You'll Learn

Plan on taking all the science classes your college offers – biology, microbiology, cellular biology, chemistry and physics (of course), molecular genetics. You’ll really have that science down by the time you’re finished.

Jobs You Might Get

Most Biochemistry and Biophysics majors work on laboratories, whether for the government or at a private college. There’s work in all sorts of fields – medical, pharmaceutical, veterinarian, etc.


Put special emphasis on your science classes early on. If you’re not enjoying your high school science classes but think you might still be interested in this major, take a course at your local community college and see what you think.


Get your hands on a research opportunity as soon as you can. This is a field of discovery, and if you can participate in any degree of new discovery you’ll be hooked for life.