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Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Controllers are like crossing guards in the sky, except the job is one of the most stressful and demanding out there. Becoming an Air Traffic Controller is quite the process. For one, you have to pass an 8-hour test, but before you can even apply to take the test you need ei... Read more

Airline Pilot

If you like to go for a natural high, a future as an Airplane Pilot is a great option. Airplane Pilots are responsible for safely transporting their planes, large or small, with their passengers and cargo. Pilots naturally need a license to fly, which they get after logging enough s... Read more

Water Transportation

You’re familiar with planes, trains and automobiles as a source of transportation. Well, don’t leave out our friends in the water. Water Transportation employees work on anything from a cruise ship to a tugboat, hauling around people and products on the water. Wherever there’s water... Read more
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