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natural resources


Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural science is more than just the production of crops and livestock. It is concerned with quality and speed of everything from production to preservation to packaging agricultural products. You will study different production techniques, how to improve the quantity and qualit... Read more

Landscape Architecture

Architecture is the design of spaces – buildings, homes, etc. Landscape Architecture is the design of outside spaces – parks, walkways, areas surrounding buildings. There are about half as many Landscape Architecture programs in the United States as there are Architecture, so admittance... Read more

Fish and Wildlife Management

With the world constantly changing, the field of Fish of Wildlife Management is busy. Majors in this field learn about the many issues wild animals face – losing their homes to shopping malls or being wiped out by a new breed of bugs that unexpected migrated into the neighborhood. Fi... Read more


Horticulture is the study and cultivation of plants, ranging from roses to peach trees. Horticulture majors can focus their studies any number of ways – dealing just with edible plants, studying shrubbery or focusing on improving greenhouse production.
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