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So you hear people talking about the economy all the time, and you’ve figured out that all this nonsense boils down to how things are going money-wise, right? Yes and no. Economics is a pretty complicated field that involves cost of production of goods and services, inflation rates, tax... Read more

Computer Science

If you haven’t noticed, computers are kind of a big deal these days. Things that your grandparents only dreamed of are old school to you. And yet the science fiction writers keep coming up with new ideas of how technology will be a million times better in the future. Writers can mak... Read more


Deep Throat said, “Follow the money.” Jerry McGuire said, “Show me the money.” Neither was talking to an accountant, but if they had they may have gotten quicker results. Accountants handle the money and finances for businesses or individuals. Some accountants are self-employed or w... Read more


Finances these days are complicated. Fortunately there’s an entire field of professionals whose job is to figure it out so everyone else doesn’t have to. These are often Finance majors. Finance majors learn about investing money, diversifying assets and keeping businesses secure fin... Read more


G.I. Joe’s slogan was “Knowledge is power.” Well, Statistics majors would probably say something like, “Knowledge is useless without proper interpretation and analysis.” Statistics is more than just a math major. It involves gathering data and figuring out what it means. That can ra... Read more

Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science majors study math and finance and their application in the world. For example, a health insurance company will consult with an Actuary to predict how much it would cost to cover Mr. Smith if any number of things were to happen to him. Using statistics, trends and p... Read more
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