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management and marketing


Fashion Merchandising

If you were to take a look into your closet, you’d see the handiwork of a former Fashion Merchandising major. Sure, you may have picked out your own clothes. But first someone had to design it, then someone else had to select it to be mass produced. Others then made it, and even others ... Read more

Public Administration

If you’re interested in working for either a non-profit organization or the government, a degree in Public Administration may be what you’re looking for. Public Administration majors cover everything from making sure the local police station has all the resources it needs to put bad guy... Read more


Architects design spaces – homes, office buildings, sports arenas, shelters. Therefore Architecture majors learn all the skills necessary to design spaces. Typically a bachelor’s degree in Architecture is a 5-year program, and is all that’s required to eventually work as an architect (a... Read more

Education Administration

An Education Administration major is for those who are interested in education but instead of teaching positions want leadership positions. It covers a lot of the basics an Education major would learn about, but adds the management aspect.

Business Administration

Ever wonder how someone winds up the big boss? Depending on the size of company and line of work, chances are good that he or she may have majored in Business Administration. Business Administration majors learn the skills necessary to eventually be executives or managers of busines... Read more
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