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engineering and technology


Computer Science

If you haven’t noticed, computers are kind of a big deal these days. Things that your grandparents only dreamed of are old school to you. And yet the science fiction writers keep coming up with new ideas of how technology will be a million times better in the future. Writers can mak... Read more

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering falls under two categories – Aeronautical and Astronautical. Both focus on flight, but the distinction comes with where you’re flying. Aeronautical Engineering deals with aircraft that travels within the Earth’s atmosphere and Astronautical Engineering deals wit... Read more

Chemical Engineering

The thing about Chemical Engineering majors is they do a little bit of everything. They take all the math classes required of an engineering student. They add on all the science classes of a chemistry student. And then they are trained how to use the both together, creating scientif... Read more

Civil Engineering

Have you ever wondered why on earth there’s a four-way stop at the end of your road instead of a stoplight? Or why your local airport runways are the way they are? Track down your local Civil Engineer and you’ll get some answers. Civil Engineers are the ones responsible for the infr... Read more

Electrical Engineering

There wasn’t much for an Electrical Engineer to do about a hundred years ago, and there definitely wasn’t such thing as an Electronic Engineer. But with all of today’s gadgets and gizmos, it’s a pretty big field that we all rely on pretty heavily. Electrical Engineers work with power... Read more

Mechanical Engineer

If you can’t decide among all the other fields of Engineering, maybe Mechanical Engineering is the one for you. Mechanical Engineering students dabble in all of it, as they prepare for a career where they’re responsible for the design and building of all things mechanical. That coul... Read more

Computer Information Systems

You know how life as you know it completely stops when the Internet is down or you can’t get your iPod to syncronize? Believe it or not, it’s even worse when medical professionals can’t look at online patient records or finance gurus can’t see the latest numbers on the stock exchange... Read more
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