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Education majors are essentially learning how to be teachers. In addition to learning all you need to know about the subjects you’ll be teaching, you have to learn how to teach – using different methods for different students, disciplining in the classroom, guiding your students. Normal... Read more

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education deals with teaching children from birth to about 8 years old (or usually the third grade). Children learn the most during this stage in their lives, so more and more emphasis is placed on knowing the best ways to teach them. An associate’s degree will get you s... Read more

Special Education

Special Education majors will learn how to teach students with mental, physical or psychological challenges. A Special Education teacher may work with one or two individuals, or be in charge of a large classroom with a wide range of disabilities.

Education Administration

An Education Administration major is for those who are interested in education but instead of teaching positions want leadership positions. It covers a lot of the basics an Education major would learn about, but adds the management aspect.

Adult and Continuing Education

Kids aren’t the only ones who go to school. A degree in Adult and Continuing Education is like other education majors, except the age group you’ll be focusing on is older. You’ll be able to teach adults who either are receiving an education for the first time, or who may be a bit rusty ... Read more
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