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Creative Arts


Dramatic Arts

Some actors break into Hollywood by being born to famous parents or being discovered walking down the street. But many, many actors claw their way into the business after studying Dramatic Arts in college. While a degree isn’t necessary to work in the arts, it’s a great way to learn... Read more

Interior Design

Interior design is not the same as interior decorating. If architects design the skeleton and outside of a building, an interior designer plots out the inside of a space to make it safe, functional and attractive, whether it’s a home or a hospital.

Web Design

It used to be that anyone under the age of 15 knew more than a grown up on how to run the Web. Now, though, just about everyone is pretty tech savvy. But there’s still a need for Web Design majors to keep the Internet looking sharp and innovative. A bachelor’s degree in Web Design shoul... Read more

Fashion Merchandising

If you were to take a look into your closet, you’d see the handiwork of a former Fashion Merchandising major. Sure, you may have picked out your own clothes. But first someone had to design it, then someone else had to select it to be mass produced. Others then made it, and even others ... Read more

Culinary Arts

The total amount of food consumed in the world on any given day is staggering. The good news for you is, someone has to prepare that food. A degree in Culinary Arts puts you in the position to create new dishes, prepare food for special events, or just shape the way people eat on an ave... Read more


Architects design spaces – homes, office buildings, sports arenas, shelters. Therefore Architecture majors learn all the skills necessary to design spaces. Typically a bachelor’s degree in Architecture is a 5-year program, and is all that’s required to eventually work as an architect (a... Read more

Landscape Architecture

Architecture is the design of spaces – buildings, homes, etc. Landscape Architecture is the design of outside spaces – parks, walkways, areas surrounding buildings. There are about half as many Landscape Architecture programs in the United States as there are Architecture, so admittance... Read more

Game Design and Development

It used to be when financial times were tough, people would dress up, put on a smile and splurge at the movies to forget all their worries. Today, people are skipping the movies (and the dressing up) and spending their money on video games. The gaming industry continues to grow, and... Read more

Graphic Design

We live in a world where things have to look good. Not only does that mean everyone is running to the gym and laying down serious bucks for fancy clothes. We also expect our news to look good when we get it from the television or a morning newspaper. Our coffee cups have to be creat... Read more


The 10 or so piano lessons you took when you were 12 is nothing compared to the drilling Music majors get on a daily basis. As a Music major, you’ll put in more hours than you knew existed in a day practicing either singing or playing an instrument for your big recital, then you’ll ... Read more

Urban and Regional Planning

Let’s face it, these aren’t the times of Columbus when there were entire continents to stumble upon. Land is a pretty limited resource, which is why there are Regional Planners who scope it all out and make recommendations for its best use. There’s work for Urban and Regional Planner... Read more

Creative Writing

Creative Writing is one of those fields where you don’t necessarily need a degree to get work, but at the same time you’d almost be crazy not to. Creative Writing majors learn the ins and outs of writing for different audiences, practicing different techniques and pushing themselves ... Read more
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